Weekly Drama: September 2016 – Week Two

The Weekly Drama is an overview of Police/Fire incidents (newsworthy or not) that took place in the San Ramon Valley during the week, but never made news headlines.

Sunday, September 4th

[Alamo] 12:00 AM – Deputies responded to a possible sighting of the man wanted for lewd conduct in Alamo (story here) walking on the Iron Horse Trail. Officers located the man and while he wasn’t the suspect, he was arrested for four outstanding warrants seeking his arrest.

Monday, September 5th

[San Ramon] 12:00 AM – Firefighters responded to aid a man found unconscious and lying on the ground near Crow Canyon Road. He was treated.

[San Ramon] 9:00 PM – Officers responded to a report that a man had ripped a crosswalk sign out of the ground, used the crosswalk, then threw the sign on the ground. He was last seen walking away from the scene.

Tuesday, September 6th

[Alamo] 11:30 AM – Firefighters responded to a call for help from a dog owner on a Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Trail near Camille Avenue. The caller reported that her 100-pound dog had fallen down a ravine while hiking on a trail. Firefighters maneuvered their equipment partially up the mountain to rescue the dog and owner from the steep terrain.

[Danville] 12:00 AM – Police received a report that a dead coyote was causing a traffic hazard on a local street. When officers arrived, they discovered the coyote was the animal that had recently made news headlines (story here).

[Danville] 4:00 PM – Officers responded to a report that a distraught neighbor was standing in front of a garbage truck, refusing to let it move. It’s unknown why he was upset.

[Danville] 6:00 PM – Firefighters responded to the aid of a 15-year-old boy who had experienced head trauma while playing football at San Ramon Valley High School. He was transported to the hospital.

[Danville] 6:30 PM – Firefighters responded to the aid of a high school student who had passed out after running a cross country race at Oak Hill Park.

[San Ramon] 7:00 PM – Police were notified of a strange man collecting bird feathers with a large pole. Officers made contact with the individual.

[San Ramon] 9:00 PM – Officers responded to a report that a man was attempting to break down a restroom door with a woman and her child inside. He was reportedly distraught and maybe ‘had to go.’

Thursday, September 8th

[Danville] 4:00 PM – Firefighters and Sheriff deputies responded to a distress call from an individual who claimed he needed help on the lawn of San Ramon Valley Fire Station 36. When firefighters located him, he was walking away from the station and then entered a nearby retirement complex.

The dispatcher believed the caller was possibly on drugs, but Sheriff’s deputies did not respond and firefighters did not enter the building he went into.

Friday, September 9th

[Blackhawk] 3:00 PM – Firefighters responded to a possible fire inside Crunch Fitness Blackhawk. A commercial dreyer was reportedly smoking and the business began evacuating patrons. When firefighters arrived, they discovered the dreyer had an electrical issue and worked to mitigate the problem.

[San Ramon] 6:30 PM – CHP and San Ramon Valley Firefighters were dispatched to a major accident on northbound I-680. A helicopter airlifted a child who was later pronounced deceased and ambulances transported two other children to local hospitals. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for DUI.

[San Ramon] 7:30 PM – Firefighters responded to aid a referee who was unintentionally tackled during a football game at California High School. He was treated for his injuries.

Saturday, September 10th

[Alamo] 8:00 PM – Sheriff’s deputies received a call from an out-of-town homeowner who said she received phone calls from multiple neighbors stating that there was a juvenile party in her home. She stated her son was in town but was staying with a friend and did not have access to the residence.

Deputies arrived and witnessed multiple juveniles fleeing the area in the street and hoping backyard fences. Three deputies split up and engaged in a foot pursuit with the party-goers. Fifteen juveniles were detained and questioned. Among the detained was a man who identified himself as the homeowner’s son.

Deputies checked the residence for evidence of a residential burglary and forced entry, since no one was supposed to have access. Deputies eventually released all of the detained juveniles.

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