Weekly Drama: June 2016 – Week Three

Strangers throwing chairs into a resident's pool, a crazy man hailing cars in a Spiderman mask and drivers confronting construction workers in traffic. The Weekly Drama has the review of what happened this week in your neighborhood.
Sunday, June 12th

[Danville] 9:30 PM – Firefighters responded to a report of a resident “burning items” in the backyard of a resident near Diablo Road.

Monday, June 13th

[Alamo] 4:00 PM – Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence after a citizen observed strangers throwing lawn chairs into a neighbor’s backyard pool. The furniture in question wasn’t immediately available for comment.

[Danville] 7:00 PM – Police and paramedics were called to the Revel restaurant on Hartz Avenue after a citizen was bitten by a dog in front of the location. Animal control was dispatched to deal with the pit bull.

Tuesday, June 14th

[Danville] 11:30 AM – Police were dispatched to a report that a man wearing a Spiderman mask was attempting to jump in front of and flag down vehicles at the intersection of Diablo Road & Mt. Diablo Scenic Boulevard (near The Athenian School). An additional caller reported that the man attempted to get into her vehicle, sell her a gold watch and claimed to have an asthma attack (all at once). Officers were unable to locate the individual after a search of the area.

[San Ramon] 4:00 PM – Police and paramedics were dispatched to a vehicle accident on Crow Canyon Road. A man was seen running from the vehicle after the crashed, leaving his injured passenger inside. Officers established a perimeter of the area and located the man within minutes. He was positively identified as the suspect who ran from the crash. It was not immediately clear why he fled the scene.

[San Ramon] 5:00 PM – Police and paramedics responded to a report of an accident in which a skateboarder ran into a stopped vehicle. The patient was examined and released on scene. It’s remains unclear whether or not the individual was attempting to perform a new urban skateboarding trick upon the vehicle.

Wednesday, June 15th

[Danville] 11:00 AM – Police were called to a verbal altercation after a woman confronted a group of elderly dog walkers about allowing their dog off-leash. When the group of elderly individuals didn’t take kindly to her critique, she dialed 911. Officers were able to break it up before someone had a heart attack.

[Danville] 4:00 PM – Police and firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle accident on Diablo Road. Upon their arrival, they found an injured victim and a fire hydrant shooting water into the air. Bystanders reported that the driver had a medical emergency before the vehicle hit a fire hydrant and large tree. The driver was transported to the hospital. (See video)

Thursday, June 16th

[Danville] 11:00 PM – A caller reported a couple engaging in “coitus” in the back of a parked vehicle. Officers responded and handled the situation accordingly. One of our Twitter followers speculated that “Sheldon” from the Big Bang Theory TV show was the reporting caller (based on the vocabulary).

Saturday, June 18th

[San Ramon] 12:30 PM – Police responded to a report that citizens were exiting their vehicles in traffic to confront construction workers on Crow Canyon Road. Upon further research, the construction of the new EBMUD recycled water pipeline had created a traffic backup from El Capitan to I680 on Crow Canyon Road. Needless to say, drivers were not happy.

[Alamo] 4:30 PM – Firefighters from the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District responded to a report of a bookcase on fire in the backyard of a residence. The fire spread to the roof and did plenty of damage. At one point, the on-scene battalion chief requested immediate police assistance after an altercation with the homeowner.

[Danville] 5:00 PM – Police responded to a report of an intoxicated subject stumbling down Hartz Avenue with keys in his hand. Officers located the individual.

[Danville] 6:30 PM – Police arrested an Alamo man for allegedly vandalizing and breaking into the San Ramon Valley High School administration building. See the full article here.

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